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welcome To Supreme Court

    We are glad enough to introduce the portal system which is the immediate out put of the latest information communication technology. Since the establishment of courts under proclamation 11/88 tremendous changes have been under go to improve the performance of courts, to satisfy its clients. To cite some, the introduction of the color coded filing system, recording and transcribing, court case management system and currently the introduction and utilization of the portal system are approval of the improvement of courts. Since we are living in the era of information communication age it is deemed that information is the motive force for the growth and development of a country. An institute which does not use information is digging its grave to death. Information is the main resource and wealth of a nation, therefore, each government institution is expected to give information and gather feed back to improve its service delivery. Based on the above assumption s courts should provide information to interested groups to meet their needs through the portal system. The current court performances are disseminated to customers by various means such as law magazine, bullets; Medias etc… any suggestion, proposals, recommendation brought to the courts will be a great input and support to maintain productivity and efficiency of courts. All in all, the Supreme Court sincerely requests and believes its customers and stakeholders to provide and exchange information to avoid institutional and structural bottlenecks of courts.

    Thanks a lot!!!